I am haunted by consciousness. Mine, yours, everyone’s. That flickering little candle flame in my head. Sustained by blood born nutrients and oxygen. No different in living as long as there is fuel to be burned as that candle flame feeding off wax and oxygen. And when what sustains it is withheld or exhausted, it just goes out. Consciousness and candle flame alike. A curl of smoke rising from the fading glow of the wick, or the last breath and a body slowly cooling. No more fire. No more light. But I've thought of a way to make that candle burn forever. I lift it from the table, shield it with my hand, and take it outdoors. There, I hold it up to the night sky, knowing that the light from that candle in those moments will keep going. Up and out and farther and farther and on and on. Never ending, a few photons traveling across the universe, and me standing with that candle, knowing within the scope of rare improbabilities that somewhere, far away in the future, some consciousness with a vision sharper than mine might just see that flame. Now the next question arises, if light can grant immortality to a candle flame, is there hope for my consciousness? Is there some sustaining wavelength that mind can harmonize with, independent of brain and blood, and just keep going, up and out, farther and farther, on and on?